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Minding Our Mental Wellness with Munirah and Jennifer

Dr. Deborah Wilson (Munirah) and Counselor Jennifer Cain

Minding Our Mental Wellness,  Journey in the Profession of Counseling and view of Mental Health Crises.

Dr Deborah Wilson and Counselor Jennifer Cain share a Mental Health podcast series, Minding Our Mental Wellness (Different themes every episode). Plan to join and get filled up with help and support. Check our Facebook group page A Brighter Source A Brighter LITE.

What is the journey of a Counselor? How do they handle Mental Health crises? The show will discuss each counselor/ therapists journey into the profession and their view of the current mental health crisis in the U.S. The journey into the profession can be a catalyst for anyone considering counseling/ therapy/ or anyone considering entering the profession. Family issues, Relationship problems, Depression, Trauma and much more are discussed. Sundays 9pm once a month. 

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Sourceseeker Hour

Tech Lead

Baruti Carl Alexander

A Brighter Source A Brighter LITE seeks to provide ways of organizing, inspiring and working toward awareness of Mental Health, Wellness and Culture as circles of strength and support.

Movement starts with a Vibration. We are moving. Vibrations that keep moving manifest into action and production.

Our understanding as human beings is physical first but as we grow in maturity, we understand the spiritual undergirds everything. ^ There is a frequency or vibration of energy that fills the Universe. This energy is essential to all living cells, human, plant, and animal. * We all have this energy spark inside us. If we can learn to use our energy constructively we can raise our level of consciousness, and vibrational rate or frequency. We seek to cultivate, emphasize and extenuate our energy in A Brighter Source A Brighter LITE.


 A Brighter Source A Brighter LITE is a part of The Brighter Source Group, a legal nonprofit and it concentrates on Mental Health, Wellness and Culture.

Activities of A Brighter Source A Brighter LITE are:

I. The Souceseeker Hour

II. Wellness and Culture Spotlight with Chris Times (Mental Health Seminars)

III. Howling at the Earth Relationship podcast

IV. Exercise in the Park

V. Brighter LITE Mental Health and Wellness Groups and Phone Support Chat Groups

Brighter LITE groups are phone chats, think tanks and a support resource that gives members a resource to vent, get information and find counsel from a variety of skilled and experience persons. We also branch out to do activities and events in person and online.

Mental Health is a stigma and challenge that can be modified with a good program. We seek to provide group chat for support, referrals for specialist and help create the general environment for people to feel connected. Wellness includes diet, exercise, and general self-improvement strategies. Culture and knowledge of history and current events are a very important part of our program. Our group chat keeps us up to date on these areas.

We will purchase a building first to run our Assisted Living program and then A Business/Fitness and Prayer Center which will include:

I. Weight Room and Dojo private for members.

II. Memorial and Prayer Center with Meeting rooms and Group office.

III. Art and Book Gallery.

IV. Sourceseeker sub-Lease

V. Space for Lease at discount rate for members

In A Brighter Source a Brighter LITE We are building a network of professionals and lay persons. We have Doctors, Mental Health Professionals, Therapists, Educators, Nurses, Real Estate professionals, Financers, and members just like you.

Chant: There have been many days of darkness' We seek a Brighter LITE. My spirit aches and my body is tired. I need a Brighter LITE. We continue and we fight, Hold on and Persevere into A Brighter LITE.

Peace and Power.


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Baseball and Bat

Sunny Phi Side live with Jeff Walker

Founder & CEO

Jeff Walker  and Baruti Carl Alexander

Basketball, Football , Boxing, Soccer and Track Field. All sports talked about here. No matter what school your from and no matter who you root for there is something for you here. Will Kapernick ever play again? Will Luka Donic really be one of best of all time? Has Deon Sanders changed College football forever? Will the USA ever dominate International basketball again even with Lebron?

Talk about The best relay teams in High school in Texas and the best college relay teams. World relays are explored. The best of Track and Field. Who are the Greatest Heavyweight boxers? Ali, Marciano, Lennox Lewis , Mike Tyson , Tyson Fury? What are the next Basketball trades and predictions. Football coaching changes. The best in sports right here on Sunny Phi Side Sportstake. 

Sunny Side Sporttake with Jeff Walker
Facebook Group

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Artist Performing on Stage

Hip Hop College Source

Founder and CEO   

Baruti, Pam and Slim Vibe

Kemetic Vibrations is a group, a Facebook page and a podcast called "Hip Hop College Source".

Kemetic Vibrations is a satellite group of Sourceseeker Media Network.

Hip Hop College Source which may be held every other Sunday night 9pm and rebroadcast on other platforms is the podcast for the group. The podcast will center on Black Music and promote Black Culture, Black History and Black Colleges. Guest who appear on three episodes of The Hip Hop College Source will be considered as Flow members of Kemetic Vibrations.

GOALS of Kemetic Vibrations

• Collaborations with progressive Social Media Organizations

• Provide an Organizational platform for the younger generation of professionals

• Bring awareness and support to Black Colleges

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