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Our Services

  • Maximum Social Media Campaign. Guest host and Invite Guest

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    1,500 US dollars
  • Social Media Spotlight Online Broadcast/ Interview

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    800 US dollars
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) Brand highlight

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    300 US dollars
  • 50$ mention or 100$ promo for 2 episodes of podcast

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    From 50 US dollars

Advertise, Sponsor, Build a Social Media Campaign


Advertise, Sponsor, Build a Social Media Campaign with The Sourceseeker Network. Pick one or all of our shows to advertise or Sponsor. 25$ for a mention of your business. 50$ screen ad and promo.

Paulas Purse Every other Tuesday 9pm

Sourceseeker Hour Every other Thursday 630pm

Sunny Phi Side Live with Jeff Walker Every other Friday 730pm

Hip Hop College Source to be announced

Or Build own campaign. Guest star or have your own show! Check out our website and rates. Our audience is growing everyday. Seek The Source and Rise!

Three Packages to Build and Grow your business and Brand

(Prep Brand ) --Build your brand online starter package      

·        Post your business brand or screen shot promo on Facebook and Instagram Spotify, Twitter, TikTok, Whats app each day for 10 days using our extensive network. 4 impressions per day. 

          Content Creation Screen shot

          Consult on and initiate ad/boost 2 promo posts 

(Source Brand) --Make a lasting impact and make sure your name or business is known online.

Post Gallery highlight for your business brand on Facebook and Instagram TikTok. Spotify,  Twitter, What's app each day for 20 days. 

           Audience Engagement

·          Content Creation Creation Screen shot

·          Content sharing

·          Consult on and initiate ad/boost 4 promo posts  

1 broadcast interview or broadcast advertisement made within 20 days and replayed 5 times within the next 30 days on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You will get copy and it will be stored on Sourceseeker Community Channel.

(Extra Bright Brand)---  Maximum online campaign


·         Post Gallery highlight for your business brand for 30 days in all platforms. Make promo video and highlight on all platforms including live footage of you and your business. 2 advertisements made for 30 days.    1 Highlight interview or Guest host a broadcast and invite your own guest over 60 day period.

          Replay advertisement, Interview or Guest host 

·          Respond to comments each day

·          Personally correspond with direct messages & inbox messages

·          Audience Engagement

·          Content Creation

·          Content sharing

·          Consult on and initiate ad/boost posts 6posts

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