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Baruti Carl Alexander, is the CEO of Sourceseeker, and the host of The Sourceseeker Hour. It airs Thursday 615pm on Zoom and Facebook Live. Baruti is the Founder of The Brighter Source group which seeks to Combat Commun ity Detereoration in Greater Houston and Nationally.


The Sourceseeker hour discusses current events, politics and things relevant to society in an intellectual and profound discussion. Baruti has produced over 30 creative and popular shows from subjects such as Sexual Harrassment, Should Prostitution Be Legalized, God and Religion and many more. He is also The Creator of The Brain Source Game Show, The Fun Game of Geography and Science.


Baruti has written 8 books. His newest book just released is Voices from a Deep Heart 3, Visions for the Future Growth of the Shrines of The Black Madonna. (An internal discussion and reflection on the historic spiritual organization,The Shrines of the Black Madonna). htt



Other books by Baruti are Obama The Extraterrestrial released 2012 and "Seeking The Heart and The Sword” released 2016 both are Available on Amazon

Baruti Carl Alexander is a lifetime educator, and single father of three. He has a degree in Journalism and a Special Education certification from Texas Southern. University He has spent over twenty years teaching and educating youth of Houston. He loves playing chess, and traveling 


Baruti Carl Alexander



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