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Minding Our Mental Wellness with Munirah Sundays once a month 9pm



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  • Maximum Social Media Campaign. Guest host and Invite Guest

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    1,500 US dollars
  • Social Media Spotlight Online Broadcast/ Interview

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    800 US dollars
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) Brand highlight

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    300 US dollars
  • 50$ mention or 100$ promo for 2 episodes of podcast

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    From 50 US dollars

Market Your Work -Publishing Packages

Everyone has a spiritual story to tell. Memories for the grand kids, A story of love, the strange thing you saw or imagined, or beneficial information you wish to share, tell your story in a book. Sourceseeker will publish your book.

Special sales package offer:100 dollars off on any Publishing Package.  Need an installment plan? Pay half and get started today! Become a published author.   Publishing Packages

Baruti Carl Alexander, is the CEO of Sourceseeker Media, and the host of The Sourceseeker Hour which airs Thursdays 615pm on Zoom and Facebook Live.  He has written 8 books and has published many books for himself and others and will take great care to complete and guide your written work from start to finish. A new book "Heart of a Strong Sourceseeker" is expected in 2024.    Books by Baruti. 

Baruti is the Founder of The Brighter Source group which seeks to Combat Community Deterioration in Greater Houston and Nationally.

The Sourceseeker hour has over 150 episodes and discusses current events, politics and things relevant  to our society. 


Sourceseeker Review is a monthly Newsletter that explores polls and list in quick hits to get your input and opinions on the issues of day. Done online and print

Blog Articles

  • Four Reasons Trump will be reelected

  • Is Kanye a Genius or Crazy?

  • Has The LGBTQ community been treated fairly?

  • The Top Five Rappers of All Time

  • The Four Best Super Hero Movies 

  • Could Republican Senator Tim Scott be our next  President of The  United States

Communication Tower

Baruti Carl Alexander

Coming February 2024

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