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 Interview with The Historic Allen Family of Houston, Texas , Episode 1 of the Brain Source Game Show, Video From the Music Compilation, "Give Me the Strength to go Further Lord", R. Yates singing, Video from The Documentary, The Journey of Raymond Alexander. 
Two professional Sourceseeker video commercials done through Bluewave productions. Video 1, "Everyone has a Spiritual Story to Tell".  Video 2, Write your book with Sourceseeker featuring Angel Clark.

Video clips of the Brain Source Game Show

Brain Source is the Brain Child of the host Baruti Carl Alexander.
Three contestants will answer questions in Geography and Science for four  rounds for the chance to become the World Brain Source Champion. Winners will move to the next championship round.  Winners of the first three tournaments will come together for a final showdown to see who is the World Brain Source Champion. Losers get two minutes to promote their organization or cause.
Contestants will answer questions of World Geography, such as Cities and Countries, City Streets and Lakes and Mountains. Or in Science such as The Human Body, Earth and Energy, Ecology and Animals. Questions and categories may change each show.
Each contestant will participate in Brain Source questions which get progressively harder from 200, 400 and 800. Brain Source questions will be about the Brain and the sources of life, not only in world religion but also transcendentalism and others beliefs. Randomly the questions cost points if the contestant misses or it's a no cost question.
Questions are asked from left to right and questions missed can be answered by the next contestant whomever presses their light faster. Up to 3 questions may be answered in row by a contestant.
Questions come from a variety of information sources including the Science Wrap- Around game by Lakeshore, and many other sources.